Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Salmon XO Sauce

Hi Everyone,

Wandering around Woolworths, I came across this sauce in the Asian food section.  Salmon XO Sauce. Made in Australia by ilovesushi. A good name for the iPhone era!

It is one of my favourites! It is yum on just about any savoury dish. I even put it on pan- fried Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon - salmon on salmon! Also great on omelettes. Or as a dip. It can even be used as a sandwich spread.

Salmon XO Sauce has a rich taste, like seafood, but not fishy like fish sauce. It is slightly sweet with a mild chilliness. There is a generous 63% Salmon in the sauce, according to the ingredients list. The salmon is finely cut (or pounded) with almost the texture of pork floss (if you are more familiar with pork floss). It sits in a layer of oil in the jar.  The sauce colour is a rich deep red.

At around AUD7.00, this sauce in the little jar stretches far!

Front Label

The sharp-eyed reader would have noticed that
Protein, Fat, Carbs and Soduim
add up to 120.8g per 100g serve!

Serving Suggestions


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