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Review - Gods Kitchen

Sunday, 27th May 2012

Gods Kitchen
53 Barkly Street,

Cuisine: Modern Australian, Italian

Taste Rating: 7.5/10   Value Rating: 7.5/10

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It was a cold winter day on the Mornington peninsula. The wind was whipping my hair around. We decided to go to Gods Kitchen for a very early dinner. I was intrigued by the name, which incidentally has no apostrophe.

Gods Kitchen is a restaurant and pub with live music. It is in a small heritage-listed building which used to be a church dating from 1867. Is it called Gods Kitchen because of its church heritage? Or is it a reference to the UK superclub brand Godskitchen which owns a music label and runs dance music events?

We were seated in the dining room in the atrium, with natural light coming in through the large glass windows. The high domed ceiling had a pretty chandelier. A staff member flicked on the switch and the chandelier sprang to life with gorgeous colours. Being early evening, the atrium was empty except for us. The main church building adjoining the atrium has the small bar and live music area. There were more people in here having a few drinks and listening to a lone guitarist.

We ordered a couple of steaks. 300g Grain-fed Eye Fillet with mushroom sauce, garlic potato mash and vegetables. 450g Grain-fed Rib Eye Fillet with peppercorn sauce, beer battered chips and salad. We requested medium to well done for both.

The eye fillet steak was thick and seared black on the outside while still tender inside. The mushroom sauce was nice but too runny. The garlic mash was nice, not too salty. The veggies were a mix of carrot strips, green capsicum, red capsicum, couple of slices of sweet potatoes, an eggplant slice and a mysterious looking bottom slice of some veggie which could be radish. I liked the egg plant slice which was crispy on one side and a little bit salty.

The rib eye steak was on the bone. It was more fatty than the eye fillet so fortunately I wasn't the one who ordered this as I can't stand fatty meat. I did have a taste of this steak and it was tender and tasty. The thick chips were nice. The peppercorn sauce would have been nice if the liquid was reduced to make it less runny.

Overall, a good meal in an attractive setting, with the option of popping into the bar area and enjoying some life music after your meal. Staff are friendly, including the helpful security guard/bouncer at the gate when we left. Will visit again.

Entry to Gods Kitchen

The Church Plaque

Atrium Dining
with Colourful Chandelier


Menu - Steaks

Eye Fillet Steak

 Rib Eye Steak

Peppercorn Sauce
- Nice flavour but runny

Grain Fed Eye Fillet
Medium to Well Done
- tender on the inside

Rib Eye Fillet Medium to Well Done
- tender on the inside
Print of Jesus

Print of Buddha

The Bar

Early Evening Live Music

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