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Adriano Zumbo Chocolate Brownie Mix

Tried and Tasted By Arrow

   April 2013
I have been to the colourful Adriano Zumbo concept store at The Star, Pyrmont (see photos). So when I saw the range of Adriano Zumbo cake mixes at a Coles supermarket, I was keen to try them. I bought two boxes of the Adriano Zumbo Chocolate Brownies mix. 


What You Need
  • 2 Eggs
  • 125g Melted Butter
  • 1 box of Adriano Zumbo Chocolate Brownie mix

Follow the instructions on the back of the box. 

What I Found
The steps are straightforward.

The batter smells delicious - good chocolate smell, and taste. Yes, I was tempted to try the batter as I was mixing it! Gorgeous dark chocolate colour - have a look at the photo.

Combining the brownie mix, eggs and melted butter 

There are white chocolate chips combined in the brownie mix. There is also a separate plastic bag with a generous amount of dark chocolate pieces. 

TIP 1: Do Not Do This! The instructions say that you can place several dark chocolate pieces on top before putting in the oven. Don't! Why? Because these chocolate pieces will melt and burn before the rest of the brownie is cooked. What I may do with my second box is to place the chocolate pieces on top 5 mins before the brownie is cooked. That way it will melt but not burn. Will post an update on this.

TIP 2: Keep a close eye on the baking. In general, do not use higher than the recommended oven temperature. This very rich chocolate brownie cooks quickly and will burn easily. Adjust the oven temperature, if necessary, while baking.

Taste: Very Good, Very Sweet so you need to have a sweet tooth. 
Texture: Gooey melted dark chocolate makes the brownie soft. This will firm up when it cools to room temperature. 

Will try again next time with the second box. 

When I finished making these brownies, I checked the Adriano Zumbo website and found a link showing how to make these brownies. Zumbo Baking

For those interested in the ingredients, here is a photo of the panel from the box:

Now for the photos taken at the Adriano Zumba concept store at the Star, Pyrmont. 

Of course we couldn't leave without buying a box of Zumbarons!

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