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BabyCino (Milk only Cuppacino)
Frothy milk in a tiny glass, dwarfed by kitchen appliances

Chinese New Year  2012

Some of my favourite CNY snacks

We can get these from Asian grocery shops in Australia only during the Chinese New Year.

Love Letters - coconut rolls 
Can't get enough of these!

Kueh Rose or Honeycomb Biscuit

Arrowhead Chips
Can't stop eating at one chip!

Chinese New Year sweet sticky rice cake
Nian gao (Mandarin, Cantonese) or Ti Kueh (Hokkien)
This one comes from Madame Kwong's - one of our favourite Malaysian & Nonya restaurants

Durian Heong Peah
Not just for Chinese New Year - these are available all year.
Subtle taste of durian, not over-powering like the fresh fruit!


Eggs are Beautiful ... the start of life ... the start of many dishes

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