Friday, 22 February 2013

Sarawak Laksa Paste

Hi Everyone,

From simple origins, the Sarawak laksa paste is also available on the Internet nowadays. 

This is a good article about the original Swallow brand laksa paste. Sarawak Laksa Paste

It has a funny insight into how people gather when someone acquires a packet of the laksa paste, have a satisfying meal, make promises to catch up but are too busy to follow through, until the next packet of laksa paste arrives. Sounds familiar - not just for laksa, but for most other things in our busy lives? 

The Swallow brand paste is no longer in production. A branch of the same family now produce the Barrett brand laksa paste. The only catch with ordering over the Internet is you have to buy in bulk! Barrett website



Sunday, 3 February 2013

Review - Chilli Cafe

Chilli Cafe
168 Russell St

Cuisine: Thai
Taste Rating: 7.5/10   Value Rating: 7.5/10

Latest Visits
Fri, 25th Jan 2013
Fri, 24th Aug 2012

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I've been to Chilli Cafe several times over the years.  The latest was with three friends for lunch.

The red curry is the favourite of a couple of friends and that is what they order every visit, without looking at the menu. I like to try different dishes so have to check the menu or the Specials board every time.

On the whole, this is a great place for curries at an affordable price. It is very popular with office workers on their lunch break. The narrow dining area is always full at lunch times, with a queue frequently forming in the middle to order. We make it a point to get here early to get a table.

Fri, 25th Jan 2013

3 Curries and 1 Noodle Dish

Penang Beef Curry
The menu said "Beef cooked in red dry curry & coconut milk". I was expecting a drier rendang type curry. However, there was a fair amount of gravy. The gravy did have the peanutty taste of rendang and was quite nice. The beef slices on top looked a bit dry but on the whole was tender enough. 

Beef Noodles
The menu said "Stir fried noodles topped with mince beef in tomato based sauce". This was a surprise find on the menu. "Beautiful" was the feedback from the friend who ordered this. There was a generous amount of ingredients, including beef slices and not minced beef, and kway teow noodles. The sauce was a tasty tomato sauce-based gravy. The fresh red chillies was a request. I said this was a surprise find for two reasons.  One, it was a tasty noodle dish in a place where we normally order curries. Two, it was very similar to a local dish in Sarawak, Malaysia called "tomato sauce noodles". The only negative feedback was that there was an oily aftertaste, even though the noodles were not oily while eating but this did not spoil the dish.
Red Curry Chicken

The menu said "Chicken cooked in red curry with vegetables". Feedback from friends who have this dish every time. Tasty but today the curry is "saltier than normal". I tried a piece of the chicken and it was tender enough, in a nice red curry sauce.

Always a queue in the middle at lunch times

Fri, 24th Aug 2012

 Chilli Cafe entrance

Specials Board

Order Counter

Add more Spice with Chillies

Red Curry Chicken

Green Curry Seafood

The Queue at lunch time