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Review - Yami Yami

Saturday, 11th Feb 2012

Yami Yami
1D Bank Street,
Box Hill

Cuisine: Korean

Taste Rating: 7.5/10   Value Rating: 7.5/10

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I am guessing many people seldom venture down to this part of Box Hill which is away from the main shopping centre. The location is a small strip of shops in a quiet street facing the railway line, near the Station Street pedestrian underpass. We found ourselves there very late on a Saturday afternoon, after doing some shopping. Standing facing these shops, we saw there were a couple of small eating places. Which one should we go to? On a whim, we went into Yami Yami.

It was quiet when we entered and we easily got a table. Later, the other tables started filling up fast, probably for an early dinner. Several diners seemed to be regulars as they knew exactly what they wanted to order, with several sharing hot pots cooking on portable stoves on the table.

I did not know anything about this place and had no pre-conceived ideas before dining here.  It was one of those occasions when you don't expect much, especially given the hidden location, complete with an abandoned atmosphere and the odd grafitti. To my surprise, Yami Yami served good food.

The first indication was the menu itself. The physical appearance of the menu was better than those at some larger restaurnants - glossy, good photographs, quality material, clean.

We ordered Hot Pot Bibimbap, Spicy Squid on Hot Plate, Seafood Pancake and Haemul Tang (seafood in spicy soup in hot pot).

We were happy with all these dishes. The standout for me was the fabulous Seafood Pancake. It was a huge pancake filled with tasty seafood. The bibimbap was about average, especially for the price. The spicy squid was not bad and there was a generous amount. The spicy seafood soup was really good with a variety of seafood and mushrooms, including crab legs sticking out of the soup to give it interest.

The service was alright, with the waiters helpful in answering questions and obligingly fetching items when requested. The place is small but tidy and clean.

Overall, a surprisingly good eating place in an unexpected location. The portions are a good size, the food is attractively presented and most of the prices are reasonable. If I find myself near here again, I will be happy to try more dishes, maybe one of the shared hot pots.



Menu - Bibimbap

Menu - Haemul Tang

Menu - Seafood Pancake


Seafood Pancake

Spicy Squid on Hot Plate

Haemung Tang

Rice in a metal bowl,
Preserved Condiments & Bean Sprouts

Other Diners
Place filled up quickly

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