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Review - Il Primo Posto

Wednesday, 30th May 2012

Il Primo Posto
2 Riverside Quay,

Cuisine: Italian

Taste Rating: 7.5/10   Value Rating: 7.5/10

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Melbourne's skyscrapers were shrouded in fog as we walked along Riverside Quay towards Il Primo Posto.

Il Primo Posto has a good location on Southbank. It is on the ground floor on Riverside Quay, with its windows facing the Yarra River.  There is outdoor seating under a large verandah. Being a cold winter day, we opted for the indoor seating.

It was 12.30 when we arrived and the restaurant was not busy. The friendly staff were attentive. One of them even carried the specials board to us and leaned it on the floor near our table - thoughtful and cute.

We ordered two of the specials. Grilled Swordfish fillet on spinach, potato roesti, fried calamari and tomato salsa. Risotto with chicken, mushroom, zucchini and roast pumpkin. And one item from the regular menu. Seafood Linguini with seared prawns, scallops, calamari, black mussels in olive oil, garlic, chilli, tomato and parsley sauce.

The swordfish was juicy and delectable. The potato roesti was crunchy with a nice fried taste. I liked the spinach too, while the salsa was okay. My lunch companion who ordered this dish was quite happy with it.

I tried a bit of the risotto. It had a nice cheesy taste. I've never been able to get excited about risotto. My other lunch companion who ordered the risoto was pleased with it.

The seafood linguini had a generous amount of seafood. Scallops and prawns are two of my favourite seafoods. I liked the scallops with roe attached and the plump large prawns. The tender calamari was not bad either. There was too much linguini for me to finish!

Overall, we all enjoyed the meals. It was pleasant to look out at the view of the river. The foot traffic was interesting as well. This is one of the places I will visit again when I am at Southbank and wondering where to dine.

Eureka Tower at Southbank
Skydeck shrouded in fog

Fog covers tops of buildiings in Melbourne

Il Primo Posto entrrance

Outdoor Seating @ Il Primo Posto

Specials Board
- brought to our table

Menu - Seafood Linguini

Grilled Swordfish

 Grilled Swordfish

Chicken Risotto

Seafood Linguini

Seafood Linguini

 View out the Window

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