Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Review - Rock The Wok

Tuesday, 17th July 2012

Rock The Wok
Shop TG08,
Goldsbrough Lane,

Cuisine: Thai

Taste Rating: 7.5/10   Value Rating: 7.5/10

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Last Tuesday, we went to Roll'd. Today we had lunch two doors away at Rock The Wok. It was before 12.30pm when we arrived. The queue at Roll'd was stretching out the door. The queue at RTW was shorter and that was the deciding factor.

I had been to RTW some months ago and remember ordering the Pad Thai Noodle. It wasn't a memorable dish! However, I decided to give RTW another go. This time I went for the ABC option (see photo). A is choose your main ingredient - chicken, beef, tofu, veggies or seafood. B is choose your rice or noodle type - steamed rice, fried rice, Hokkien noodles, flat rice noodles or thin egg noodles. C is choose your flavours - including basil & chilli, green curry, panang curry, tom yum, satay or sweet & sour (see photo for complete list). Oh, and you can specify the level of spiciness - mild, medium, hot or no chilli at all. There are also gluten free options.

We ordered two dishes. Chicken, Steamed Rice, Green Curry, mild spiciness. Beef, Flat Rice Noodles, Basil & Chilli, medium spiciness.

The seating was typical of this eating strip. Outdoor table on the footpath outside the shop. Today, I felt the cold air more than last Tuesday. It was windy and for some reason, the overhead heating didn't seem to be warm at all.

So what was the food like? The green curry gravy was delicously creamy with coconut milk or cream. The chicken was boneless thigh meat which was not my favourite as I prefer breast fillet strips or tenderloin, but it is quite common in traditional Asian curries to use the different cuts of chicken, even with the bone left in which makes it extra nutritious. No complaints about the vegetables in the green curry - green beans, carrot strips, broccoli and still crunchy red and green capsicum.  In a nice touch, there were also cubes of pumpkin which went very well with the creamy green curry gravy. 

The beef noodles had a nice blend of flavours, including a touch of fish sauce (I believe). The medium level chilli added a nice spiciness. The flat rice noodles make it more of a Thai dish than the Hokkien or thin egg noodles would have. I liked the thinly sliced lean beef, and there was a generous amount of this.

Overall, I won't call these dishes authentic Thai food. It is fast food which will appeal to the middle ground somewhere between the Western palate and the Asian palate. You can use the 3 Step customisation process to design your meal to be more Western or Asian! There are other dishes in the non-customable section of the menu which I have yet to try and these do seem more authentic Thai.

ABC of  Ordering
- Customise your Meal

 Other dishes on the Menu

Dining on the Footpath

Chicken Green Curry

Beef Rice Noodles


  1. The beef noodle looks yummy :)

    1. Hi Winnie_yeah,

      The beef noodles were yum! They didn't stay very long on the plate :)