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Review - Mrs Parma's

Friday, 29th June 2012

Mrs Parma's
25 Little Bourke Street,

Cuisine: Modern Australian, Italian

Taste Rating: 7.5/10   Value Rating: 7.5/10

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Mrs Parma's is a pub at the Spring St end of Bourke St, close to Parliament House. According to their website, "Mrs. Parma’s is Melbourne’s first and only Bar/Bistro specializing in Parmagiana’s and Victorian micro brewery beers, right in the heart of the city" and their chefs are trained in "the art of Parmalogy".  The name Mrs Parma is very similar to a cheeky Aussie slang, so I've been told!

The menu has several bistro classics, as well as the main section on parmas. To order a parma, the first step is to decide whether you want a chicken ($24), Wiener schnitzel($25.50) or Eggplant ($20) parma. The next step is to choose a topping of which there are eleven on the menu - original, blistered pepper, Mexican, bolognese, roasted pumpkin, vindaloo, pepperoni, kalamata, mushroom, floater and Parma'geddon.

The size of the parmas here is large. There is a shared platter option where they will split a parma in half for two people to share on individual plates, at $14.75 each. Each shared platter comes with a small serve of chips and salad. For those having individual full sized parmas, the chips and salad came in shared bowls for the table. We were a group of 10 persons, with six persons having shared platters and four persons having individual full size parmas.

My parma was the Original. I was curious about the Parma'geddon and had a taste of this too. The parma was very good in both flavours. The chicken was nicely cooked and the parmas were easy to eat. Before I knew it, I had finished my 1/2 parma, chips and salad. I could have done with a little bit more! The chips and salad serves are quite small for the shared platter option (see photo). I expected the Parma'geddon to be blisteringly chilli hot but it was fairly mild, to my surprise.

Overall, I would come here again for the parmas. At $24 for a chicken parma, it is more expensive than the average parma. You do get a well executed parma for this price and the size is bigger than average. 

Front of the Pub



Parma'geddon Parma - full size
Chips and Salad in shared bowls for table

Original Parma - shared platter option
Parma cut in half, on two plates
with small serve of chips and salad

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