Tuesday, 8 May 2012

William Angliss Institute Bakeshop

Hi Everyone,

I love the Bakeshop at the William Angliss Institute for foods, tourism and hospitality. If you live in Melbourne, this is one of the best places to buy cakes, pastries and bread at an amazing price. These are made by the Patisserie and Bakery students of the William Angliss and sold at the small Bakeshop on campus. I'm surprised that many people in Melbourne have not heard of this place when I mention it to them.

Here is a photo of what I bought today - a box of freshly-made pavlovas and pastries. These are made by cookery students so the shapes are not always consistent or perfect, but the taste is usually good, with fairly good quality ingredients used.

Pavlovas and Pastries

Fresh real cream, meringue with fine yet firm texture

Apricot Cream Bun
Fresh real cream, bun texture is like a cake with syrup

If you have a long way to travel to get there, it is a good idea to ring up the Bakeshop to check what their stock is for that day. What they sell depends on whether, and what, the students are baking that day. Here are other photos taken at the Bakeshop today.

Daily Handwritten Price List

Cream Sponge Cakes, Pavlovas

Cream Sponge Cakes, Eclairs, Danish Pastries

Cakes, Braided French Bread

Cream Sponge Cakes

 Apricot Cream Buns
Mud Cake, Finger Buns, Cup Cakes, Jam Donuts, Cakes, Bread 

Bakeshop Counter

I didn't take a photo of this but there is also a small counter selling meat cuts prepared by students in the Meat Processing (Butchery) course.

Where is the Bakeshop?
     Building D,
     555 La Trobe Street,
     (Corner of La Trobe Street & King Street)

On campus you can also find a bistro and a restaurant where meals are prepared and served by students who are supervised by professional chefs. They have Buffets (3 course) and Special Buffets (all you can eat) several times a year - check their website for dates.

Oh, and MasterChef auditions are held here too.

So, get delicious foods for yourself and your friends. And get a good feeling that you are supporting the William Angliss Students!



  1. reminder to self: must stop by this bakeshop the next time we are in melbourne!

  2. Hi Anon, hope you do get a chance to go there. :)
    And that they have a large stock of goodies when you are there. It was like Aladdin's cave yesterday! But it is not the same everyday ... sometimes the shelves may be bare ... it all depends on when and what the students cook up. Cheers!

  3. Products are made by the Patisserie students not the Cookery students :P

    1. Thanks! I have fixed that up and removed 'Cookery Students' from the making of cakes, pastries and bread. Sorry, Cookery students! But you still get a mention on the William Angliss website which says:

      One of our best kept secrets, the Bakeshop is the place to go to for delicious products at bargain prices. Students from Bakery, Meat Processing, Cookery and Patisserie all prepare products for the Bakeshop.

      This means there's a variety of options available from fresh sandwiches, pre-prepared meals and sweet treats to cold drinks, loaves of bread and meat cuts.