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Review - Shanghai Dynasty

23rd February 2012

Shanghai Dynasty
Level 1, 206 Bourke St,

Cuisine: Chinese, Shanghai

Taste Rating: 7.5/10   Value Rating: 8/10

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“Wow!” was what I thought when I first entered this restaurant. They have covered every centimetre of this place with opulence. There were chandeliers dripping with crystals, objets d’art, gilded ornaments, ornate furniture, wall to wall and floor to ceiling marble, and richly patterned carpets which matched the chairs and the plates. The main colour scheme was a rich gold which was set off by darker timber and navy colours. The style was Chinese infused with European influences. It was hard to believe that we were actually above a shopping arcade in the Melbourne CBD. Raymond the Maitre D’ had previously worked in Shanghai, China.  Polite and friendly, he showed us around the restaurant which was larger than it appeared from the outside. We kept on walking as room after room of beautifully laid out dining areas was revealed, rather like Alice in Wonderland! There was no shortage of function rooms for business meetings either.

We wanted to check out their “Quick Set Lunch” menus today. The set consisted of entree, dumplings, soup and a main dish for the incredible price of $18 per person (or $22 if a king prawn main dish was selected). The entree was Shanghai Three Cold Platter Entree. The dumplings were Steamed Shanghai Dumplings. The Soup of the Day was a noodle and tofu soup. For mains, we ordered the Sautéed Rockling Fillet with Ginger and the Sliced Beef with Seasonal Vegetables.

The service was excellent fine dining, quietly and efficiently carried out. The food was beautifully presented. The entrees were a cucumber roll, an omelette pork floss roll, and an interesting looking pork and vegetable slice. This third entree item reminded me of a stained glass window – it was a gelatinous slice with pork, broccoli and capsicum, which does not mean much until you look at the photo below. The translucent slice allowed the light to come through, hence my comparison of it with a glass window!

The Shanghai dumplings were very nice. The beef main dish was tender with a light tasting sauce. The fish was a touch too fishy – this, and the lapse in bringing out the rice until requested, were surprising because everything in this place was geared towards perfection. The soup was nice and delicate – with noodle pieces, tofu, beef mince and egg white. The Specials menus do change so check their website for the latest offers.

Overall, a memorable place to dine at, whether with friends or business associates. If you have guests to impress, this restaurant has a definite WOW factor. The atmosphere is quiet and dignified, the surroundings lavish, the food was mostly delicious and very well presented, and the service polite and efficient on the whole. I would go back to try other dishes on the menu.

 Entry to the Restaurant

Part of the Entry area

Maitre D's Desk

 Ornate Clock

Wall of Wine

Corridor to Dining Areas

One of Several Dining Areas

Patterned Dining Plate

Patterned Dining Chair

Chinese Tea 

Quick Set Lunch Menu

Shanghai Three Cold Platter Entree

Translucent Slice like a Window

 Steamed Shanghai Dumplings

 Noodle, Tofu, Beef soup

Sautéed Rockling Fillet with Ginger

 Sliced Beef with Seasonal Vegetables

Door to Function Room

 Dining Area outside A Function Room


Street View from one of the Dining Areas

 Larger Dining Area

Fish Tanks

More Dining Areas

 To Entry

 Hall Stand

Another Function Room