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Beatbox Kitchen Food Truck

Friday, 10th August 2012    

Beatbox Kitchen
Food Truck - Location Varies

Cuisine: Burgers, Chips

Taste Rating: 7.5/10   Value Rating: 7.5/10

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One of us had heard that Beatbox Kitchen was due at the Harbour Esplanade, Docklands at 12pm. So four of us dutifully headed off at mid-day. Walking, tramming, walking ... we found the Beatbox Kitchen van! It was actually easy to spot opposite Etihad Stadium, with a queue in front of it. Oh, and the van was done up like a beatbox, or boom box, or ghetto blaster! There was music playing from the actual beatbox on the counter, but it wasn't blarring and scaring the Docklands seagulls, it was just audible in the proximity of the van.

There was another van next to it selling Gumbos. The competition were sporting beards, as was the Beatbox guy (but not the Beatbox girl, so a beard is not always a pre-requisite for this job, we assume).  We were in a queue so had time for random observations and ponderings on career choices.

The menu is really simple so you don't have to stress out on what to order.  You can have chips, Ralph Burger (meat) or Shroom Burger (mushroom). That's it!

We all ordered the Ralph Burger. I had to make mine different from the guys' - no raw onions for me! We were told there was a 15 min wait on the burgers. It turned out to be 18 minutes but hey, that's still a good estimate! All up, 11 mins in the queue and 18 mins for the burgers to cook. Seems like a long time on paper but in reality, we didn't notice it as much, maybe because we were chatting.

And was it worth the walking, tramming, walking, queueing, and in the reverse trip, walking tramming, walking? I would have to say .... Yes! The burger was a work of art. The bun was just right - nicely toasted yet still soft. The meat patty was juicy and good quality, not fatty or dripping in grease. The cheese was melted neatly around the patty. The cos lettuce was what you would use for an ad - green and sprightly. A mayo sauce called stereo sauce was in the burger, and it was not drenched in the sauce, just enough to get a nice flavour. The whole thing was thoughtfully packaged - wrapped in silver foil on the bottom half to catch any drips, much better than soggy greaseproof paper. Any orders of two burgers are placed in a white half box, and into  a brown paper bag which keeps the food warmer. 

Beatbox Kitchen does not do 'traditional' advertising. The van locations are announced via Facebook and Twitter. So like their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter to get the notifications. These, and word of mouth advertising, seem to serve them well. Judging by the number of people who turned up with a purposeful air, as oppposed to those stopping in their tracks while wandering around Docklands on their lunch break.

Overall, a great business concept. Backed up by a quality product. Not as affordable as the burger at your local burger shop but maybe you pay more for less (grease)! And it is fun hunting for the van and getting in some exercise while at it. And a little bit of secret society "in the know"!

Looking for Beatbox Kitchen.
Found it! At Harbour Esplanade, Docklands..

The Queue at Beatbox Kitchen

Almost at the front of the Queue!

The Beatbox Menu

Burgers in a brown paper bag.

Ralph Burgers. One without onions, one with onions!

$11 Burger, Million $ View!
At Harbour Esplanade, Docklands

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