Saturday, 30 June 2012

Oz Comic Con

Sat, 30th June 2012

Oz Comic Con is on this weekend in Melbourne! This is the first major Comic Con(vention) in Melbourne. It covers genre from film and television to comic books and anime. Venue is the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Thousands waited patiently to get in today, with the queue stretching from inside the building to the outside, and right along the full length of the building outside. The hall was packed to capacity. The queue for photo and autograph tokens snaked in the aisles around the stalls, adding to the crush of the crowd.

Superheroes could also be seen wandering the Melbourne CBD and on public transport!

Expect the same tomorrow.

Here are a selection of shots from my visit today.

Waiting to get into Oz Comic Con 2012

The queue along the outside of the building

  This is one Terrrrrific Costume! 

 I bat you know who this is!

From two galaxies far far apart!

 Storm Troopers

Battle-scarred Optimus Prime

The Fans inside the hall

Collectable Comics
Should we take the tram or the spaceship?


  1. Just to point out... This *ISN'T* the first major comic convention in Melb... This was a POP CULTURE event, similar to Armageddon (running in Melb for around 5 years now) and Supanova (running in Oz for 10 years, Melb for a few). It also has absolutely NO relation to the International Comic Con brand. It's important people know these things.

  2. Hi Anon,

    Thanks for the feedback. Yup, this is not the first major comic convention in Melbourne ... it is the first Comic Con(vention) in Melbourne - check out the caps and the brackets! :) The serious pop-culture fans would know about Armageddon and Supanova, no worries about that. Sure, it has zilch to do with the San Diego International Comic-Con. Oz Comic Con does not claim to be the same, as far as I know, plus the logos are different. But hey, it's an Oz brand and happy to support home grown. Let's hope DCA/Hub learn from this weekend's problems with the tickets, queues and cramped venue.